103: Sol Adventurers Live E9 Be TRUE 2U w/ Abba Yahuda, Yahshimabet & Messenjah Selah

Sol Adventurers Live: “Inspiration for the Soul, Solutions for the Future”  w/ co-hosts Empress Rosey & Messenjah Selah on CRS Radio E9: Be TRUE 2U w/ Abba Yahudah & Yahshimabet; Musical Inspiration: Messenjah Selah

Sol Adventurers Live, an inter-generational show providing a space where youth reason w/ elders & wisdom keepers to transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds, & carry ancient wisdom forward to the next 7 generations. Sol Adventurers Foundation, a 501 c3 non-profit empowers youth to discover their gifts, share them w/ the world, & gain strength through reconnecting w/ their community. We are bridging the gap between youth & elders.

Our elder guest is Abba Yahudah, a Jamaican virtual & musical artist, author, and founder of Forty Days & Forty Nights, the Essene Shamanismo Botanica, a retail space offering educational tools for spiritual practices & a healing arts center. Our youth guest is Yahshimabet, 16-year-old founder & CEO of Yahshi Bakes, established in 2015 in Oakland, CA. She was a runner-up on Season 2 of Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship. She ships cookies nationwide, & makes local cake and cupcake orders, place an order at yahshibakes.com

Our musical inspiration Messenjah Selah’s mission is to be a constant reminder that divine power, God-consciousness, self-love & meditation we can create & experience our best life! “Seek to know yourself and by knowing yourself you will know the Creator.” His songs address important issues such as relationships, divinity, the environment, health, culture, social and political in an original way. His strong lyrics and vocal delivery will no doubt capture the attention of all who seek freedom and truth.  

Sponsor our show: director@soladventurers.org  Donate: paypal.me/SolAdventurers

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