211: Sol Adventurers Live E15: Generating Wealth w/Ras Lawrence, Ife , & Bexpressive

Sol Adventurers Live, an inter-generational show providing an platform where youth reason with elders and wisdom keepers 2 transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds, and carry ancient wisdom forward to the next 7 generations. Sol Adventurers is a 501 c 3 non-profit empowering youth to discover their gifts, share them w/ the world, and gain strength through reconnecting w/ their community. We are bridging the gap b/t youth and elders.  

Our elder guest is Ras Lawrence, a 58 year old Jamaican who came to the US at age 11. His interests include Architecture, Labor Relations, Radio Host, Volunteer, Real Estate, Political Theater as tools to impact people. His mission is 2 save people and do good. He believes, “There is Enough for All”. Our youth guest is Ife Sainte, a 20-year old college student studying science & engineering. He aspires to work in a chemistry lab or machining. He’s a GameAmp member. Our poetic inspiration is Bexpressivesoul, a 23-year-old International Poet that sprang from the fruitful soil of Jamaica. She has been featured on radio stations, poetry shows, and magazines in the US, Jamaica, Canada, South Africa, and UK. She has won poetry contests and came in 2nd in the Pledge Nexus International Poetry Competition.

Sponsors: director@soladventurers.org     Donate: paypal.me/SolAdventurers 

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