41: Jamaica South Coast Show live from Alligator Pond Manchester

This show will discuss how Covid 19 has affected Eco Community Tourism, the opening up of Jamaica in the restricted way it has opened, the statistics and the fear factor surrounding the openings.

1: Are Jamaica’s figures accurate?

2: What impact is the way the data is being collected affecting decisions made?

3: Are there truly zero positive cases in most areas of Jamaica because it is zero, or because there is zero testing being done in these areas?

4: The move to open the North Corridor from Negril to Port Antonio? Was it a wise decision and why is the South Coast excluded?

We will cover these and more so join us by calling in to your host at 661-467-2407 or click this link to listen to the show http://tobtr.com/11759806.

Sunday June 21st., 2020 at 9:00pm DST on the East Coast, 8pm Jamaica time.. Hope you will join us as we discuss these very important questions.

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