410: Jamaica South Coast Show with Maurice L. Harrison

Alligator Pond, in the Parish of Manchester is where I live after returning to my beautiful country Jamaica.. This hidden gem of our country is now my home and I will be coming to the world live each Sunday night at 8pm remotely from here or wherever I am in Jamaica at the time..

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and it’s impact on this community, this week and possibly more weeks to follow, we will be talking about the Virus and how it is affectingthis great community and Jamaica in general.. Factual updates and substantiated opinions will be presented so that our fellow Jamaicans and foreigners alike can be updated while you also face the effects and solutions to this issue..

The intent of this show will be to be informative and deliver truths and facts of the last week..

Tune in at 8:00pm Jamaica Time, 9:00pm DST in other countries and relevant timezones and call in at 1-661-467-2407 if you want to participate, ask questions or comment with the host of the show.. Click this link and join us Sunday, April 5th. 2020 at 8:00pm , Jamaica time… 9:00pm on the USA East Coast and all other relevant time zones.. This is the link for Sunday’s show- Join us http://tobtr.com/11704415

So join us this Sunday at the time relevant to your time zone as we strive to be the information station that brings Jamaica to you..

See you then

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