414: Live -Dr. Garcia Danger of not making Health and Nutrition Priority- Covid19

Live Chat with Dr. Garcia Making  Health and Nutrition Priority- Covid19

Timothy Garcia, Doctor of Chiropractic since 1990.

He in multiple community health centers integrating chiropractic and now,

solely in private practice doing family chiropractic injury care.

Stressing the three aspects of health:

            1.  Physical

            2.  Chemical 

            3.  Emotional (mental, spiritual)

Functional Medicine for cases not neuro-musculoskeletal in nature:  example:  Autism

Examination and management of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Garcia skills incorporates various chiropractic spinal adjective techniques as well as:        

Physiotherapeutic modalities, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional consultation, Neuro-emotional and Bio-energetic Technique.Radiological Operator/Supervisor Certificate #RHC 133439. Dr. Garcia is bylingual/Bicultural -English/Spanish . Call in to chat live 661-467-2407


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