417: Jamaica South Coast Show- With Maurice Harrison Live from Alligator Pond

Alligator Pond in the Parish of Manchester is possibly one of the busiest fishing villages in Jamaica. It is said that Alligator Pond fish is among the finest quality seafood reaped in Jamaican waters and the citizens of Alligator Pond takes great pride in that reputation.

Maurice Harrison is now retired after 41 years in the USA and returned to this great community to live among the people he grew up with.. It is Easter Weekend and what a better way to spend an hour on Sunday April, 12th. 2020 from 8:00pm Jamaica Time, 9:00pm on Eastern US coast as Maurice will  be talking about fishing and its impact on this community.

The future of this community is fishing and there are both negatives and positives of what is happening, how it wil laffect the future and what steps are being taken to save this priceless industry in this community..

So join me on Sunday LIVE from Alligator Pond, Manchester where we will discuss this beautiful gem of teh South Coast of Jamaica..

See you then.. Please feel free to call in to listen and/or ask questions/make comments by calling 1-661-467-2407 or click this link to listen to the showhttp://tobtr.com/11710276 .

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