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456: Jamaica South Coast Show- With Maurice Harrison Live from Alligator Pond

ECO Community Tourism definition::: It is the type of tourism that helps the local economy while preserving the areas and not changing the lifestyle or income level of the communities negatively.. Eco – Community tourism provides sustainable income to the LOCALS and most of not all businesses are locally owned from Hotels, Villas, Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants, Attractions and culturally attractive places to visit. It affords locals to benefit from the resources in their own communities, without much change in their lifestyle and how the villages live .. This type of tourism allows the locals to integrate with visitors in a much more interactive and friendly way, without the aggressiveness that comes in areas where most resorts are owned by a few and most time foreigners.. This encourages the locals to keep their communities crime free, simple, clean and welcoming to all guests both Local and foreign. Hope that gives you an idea. It is also important to note that preservation of the way the villages are naturally is also a main ingredient and hopefully we can keep the communities that way while providing sustainable income to the communities on a local level..

So join us on Sundays  9:00pm DST. USA .  8:00pm Jamaica time by clicking link http://tobtr.com/11725055  or call 1-661-467-2407 to listen to the show.

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