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496: Sol Adventurers Live wid Sistah Rosey & Messenjah Selah

Sol Adventurers Live: Inspiration for the Soul, Solutions for the Future. An intergenerational program providing an informal environment where youth facilitate conversations with elders and wisdom keepers that transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds, and carry ancient wisdom forward to the next seven generations. Sol Adventurer Foundation is a 501 c 3 non-profit empowering youth to discover their gifts, share them with the world, and gain strength through reconnecting with their community. We are working to bridge the gap between youth and elders.

Our special guests this week will be Yashieka Fearon, a participant in our mentorship program who graduated top of her class from Manchester High School in Jamaica, WI, and been offered a full scholarship to Howard University. This covers tuition but this does not cover costs such as room and board, meals, books and visa fees. We have started a gofundme campaign to help Yashieka raise these funds. Click on the link for more info: 

We also will have elder, Maureen Minto, the chief naturopathic consultant at the Healthy Living Herbal Clinic and president of the Caribbean Natural Remedies Association.  Minto was in a car crash and injured her spine in 3 locations. She healed herself with herbs after be told by Jamaican and Cuban doctors that nothing could be done and that she had 6 months to live. 

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