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5: Candace Shannon of Trinity Oracles

Candace has always been drawn to the earth’s elements, especially the water. On a trip to the beach one day as she was walking she noticed the seashells were relaying messages to her and in that moment she realized her connection to the Divine.


Using her connection with sea shells Candace can help you gain clarity with your questions.


Sea Shell Readings Tarot Readings
Let’s hear the wisdom of QUEEN SUNNY HONEY 

from your #1 station

CRS: Caribbean Radio Soul Station 

The Knowledge Station


QUEEN SUNNY HONEY soothes the masses with her smooth, healing tones to make you moan to your very bone. Welcome to our queendom come, where all are welcome, healing is everywhere, and limitless blessings reign.


“You said it rained today. I said, Ï’ll reign today.”


Global Reporter


Caribbean Radio Soul

The Knowledge Station


Website: www.suneetashannon.com

YouTube: Suneeta Shines On

IG: ra_ether_eye_reign





Isn’t it wonderful, knowin

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