508: Jamaica South Coast Show- With Maurice Harrison Live from Alligator Pond

ECO Community Tourism depends on Beaches – Why are the beaches still closed while we are re-opening much higher risks areas of the country??

As of today 534 cases – 5 new cases..  9 New cases the day before – 66% of new cases are from Repatriated Jamaicans from the UK.

Almost 60% of cases today are related to the workplace of 1 call center.

Workplace is enclosed and cannot realistically be monitored or rules enforced.

Bars are enclosed small areas have re-opened and they too are so many, they cannot be effectively monitored.

Churches are enclosed small areas have re-opened open and they too are so many, they cannot be effectively monitored

Beaches are WIDE open with much space, much less beaches than Workplace, Churches and Bars – YET THEY REMAIN CLOSED..

Tourism sector is being considered to be opened but NO MENTION of re-opening the BEACHES!!!

Something does not add up here – Let us debate, discuss, agree or disagree on this topic as Eco_community Tourism seems to be being ignored wi8th the current opening up of Jamaica’s economy.. LET’s TALK on Sunday.. Call in at 1-661-467-2407 to listen or talk to the host or click this link to listen http://tobtr.com/11741753

That is Sunday May 24th., 2020 at 9:00pm DST 8:00pm Jamaica time– LIVE FROM ALLIGATOR POND MANCHESTER, JAMAICA..

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