60: Jamaica South Coast Show live from Alligator Pond Manchester

The double standards that exist when deciding what to open, what to close, what to restrict, what not to restrict is creating the very problem that The Jamaican Government is trying to contain..

It is not possible to get conformanc e with COVID-19 rules when the rules and goal posts are changed consistently merely because of special interests.

Eco-Community Tourism suffers as a result and when eco-community tourism suffers, the LOCAL JAMAICANS SUFFER the most..

Tune in tonight at 8pm Jamaica Time, 9pm on USA east coast as we debate this topic of how and what the Government uses to decide who they choose to give way to and those they try to restrict..You can call in to listen or participate in what will be a informative show at 1-661-467-2407 or click this link to listen or chat – http://tobtr.com/11765243

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