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65: Sol Adventurers Live: E6: Organic Permiculture Farming & Ital is Vital

Sol Adventurers Live: “Inspiration for the Soul, Solutions for the Future”, co-hosted by Sistah Rosey & Messenjah Selah on Caribbean Radio Show. E6: Organic permaculture & Ital is Vital. Sol Adventurers Live, an inter-generational program providing an informal platform where youth reason with elders & wisdom keepers to transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds & carry ancient wisdom forward to the next 7 generations. Sol Adventurers Foundation, a 501 c 3 non-profit empowering youth to discover their gifts, share them with the world, & gain strength through reconnecting with their community. We are bridging the gap between youth and elders. Our youth guest this week will be Danielle Henry, 23-yo founder of Let’s Talk Food, Dreamer, Believer, International Plant-Based Chef/Culinary Medicine Woman, Healer, Culinary Educator, Poet, Cooking Show Host, Spiritual Story Teller, Food Blogger, and Community Activist.  Mission: educate people on the importance of treating their body like a temple, through food. Goal: enlighten and impact the lives of others. Our elder guest is Robert Shepard graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy & Masters in Education, practiced Clinical Pharmacy for 10 years but faced a moral dilemma & become a Natural Health & Natural Healing Consultant. He has practiced as a shaman for 35 years. Being community-oriented he worked with Youth At Risk in outdoor programs & drug education programs. After gardening organically for 20 years I became a Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor for the Sustainable Studies Institute & have consulted farmers worldwide in growing a variety of crops organically & sustainably for the past 15 years. 

Our musical inspiration is IJahdan Taurus, a conscious Dominican artist, producer and publisher who has been doing music since primary school.




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