77: Jamaica South Coast Show live from Alligator Pond Manchester

As of March 2020, Jamaica took the lead in attempting the spread of Covid-19 in our beautiful country.. Nevertheless, the virus started to spread and especially so in areas like Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. James and most of the highly populated areas of Jamaica.. One call center was responsible for the largest epicenter that hit our country.. Many measures were taken by the Andrew Holness administration and up until the re-openings of many areas in Jamaica, I was 100% supporter. 1: Bars, Churches, Beaches, Rivers, Entertainment, were all closed and businesses issued a protocol they had to follow to be able to stay open and/or re-opened if closed. Banks, Western Union, Supermarkets, Markets, Shopping malls etc had all these restrictions. 2: Bars, churches were allowed to be opened with restrictions in June and are now being threatened to be shut down again, especially beaches.. 3: The reasons given by Prime Minister Andrew Holness is that the gatherings at the beaches and Rivers are too many and that they are in non-compliance.. Minister of Labor Desmond MacKenzie went as far to threaten to close the rivers back down again. 4: Prime Minister Holness and Mr. MacKenzie recently announced that ANY rivers or beaches found in violation, will be closed down and that even at Public Beaches business owners will be held responsible for Customer’s violating the orders and that these businesses could be fined J$1 million and/or a year in Jaail if they are found to have customers in violation. We will discuss these and more on Sunday July 5th at 8pm, Jamaica time 9pm east coast USA. You can join in the discussion by calling 1-661-467-2407 

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