86: Sol Adventurers Live: E8 Conscious Reggae: Sister Aisha,Denroy Morgan& Jahnyah

Sol Adventurers Live: “Inspiration for the Soul, Solutions for the Future”, our weekly internet radio show co-hosted by Empress Rosey & Messenjah Selah on Caribbean Radio Show. Episode 8: Conscious Reggae: Sister Aisha & Jahnyah Musical Inspiration: Denroy Morgan

Sol Adventurers Live is an inter-generational program providing an informal platform where youth reason with elders and wisdom keepers that transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds, and carry ancient wisdom forward to the next seven generations. Sol Adventurers Foundation is a 501 c 3 non-profit empowering youth to discover their gifts, share them with the world, and gain strength through reconnecting with their community. We are bridging the gap between youth and elders.

Our elder guest is Sister Aisha, Minister of Information and Communication for Unification who is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Conscious Reggae Party. She has been an assistant to her brother Fred Locks, Jahmali, Judy Mowatt, & Denise Isis Miller, and much more.

Our youth guest is Jahnyah is the daughter of Ifa Journey

Our musical inspiration is Denroy Morgan, is a Jamaican reggae artist 

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