Sol Adventurers Live: KNOW Peace KNOW Justice w/Busi Peters, Tata & Mystic Bowie

Sol Adventurers Live: Inspiration 4 the Soul, Solutions 4 the Future co-hosted by Rosey & Messenjah Selah on CRS Radio. Know Justice, Know Peace, Know Unity. An intergenerational show where youth reason w/ elders to transform generational barriers, create lasting bonds & carry ancient wisdom forward to the next 7 generations. Sol Adventurers Foundation, a 501 c3 non-profit empowers youth to discover their gifts, share them with the world, & gain strength through reconnecting with their community. We are bridging the gap between youth & elders. Our elder Busi Peters-Maughan, is an activist, educator, world traveler, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Reentry/Criminal Justice/Hip Hop Artivist & owner of Sikawaida Imports. She taught in Nairobi, Kenya, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, NY, & TX, traveled extensively & earned a BA & MA from U of Houston. She founded WHEW Women Healing & Empowering Women, a 501c3 addressing issues 4 women of color in prison, & how it relates to sexual abuse, family violence & more. She shares her perspective as a native of the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Bronx, an American, &  a child of the African Diaspora. Our youth  is Marantha Sainte, student at Butte College, CA; community service volunteer; performing arts/media/entertainment productions; music & visual artist; critical thinker & hand-on educator. As an original member of Game Amp, she utilizes its curriculum, programs & projects 4 Skills Development & Enrichment. Her goal is 2 become a producer & practitioner of holistic medicine. Our musical inspiration from Jamaica Mystic Bowie has been keeping the art of music-making fresh & exciting, broadcasting his positive vibes & high-energy shows across the globe since the ’80s.



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