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The upcoming Caribbean Travel Marketplace conference will offer a “post-pandemic look” at the region’s tourism industry, organizers say. 

The event, the brainchild of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, will be held virtually this year from May 11-14. 

Buyers from around the world will refresh their portfolios as they prepare for the new age of travel. 

“As a result of the pandemic, businesses have had time to reappraise their properties and governments have evaluated their destinations, making changes to reflect the new realities of the tourism sector,” said CHTA Acting CEO Vanessa Ledesma, adding that “this is the perfect opportunity for buyers to learn of these changes, adjust their own approaches and ensure their packages are up-to-date and appealing.”

This year’s event will feature a group of buyers from countries as diverse as Austria, India, Italy, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, among others. 

“While we are virtual this year due to COVID-19, more buyers and sellers of travel are able to participate, which is why this promises to be a unique Marketplace event,” Ledesma said. 

For more, visit Caribbean Travel Marketplace

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