COVID-19 Travel Protocols for 22 Caribbean Countries

Caribbean destinations are slowly re-opening their borders to international travelers, albeit with significant anti-coronavirus protocols in place, as the islands balance the need to resume tourism activity with all-important public health.

In each destination, government, health and tourism authorities have carefully examined COVID-19’s potential impact on their own communities, the extent of the pandemic in their destinations, their own health infrastructure, and the specific character of their tourism-related sites and facilities to formulate protocols and practices that have allowed travel to resume.

Indeed each Caribbean country now accepting U.S. visitors has issued COVID-19 protocols and policies unique to their destinations. In addition to being tailored to each nation, the policies are also subject to change as we collectively learn more each day about battling COVID-19.

We’ve created a report identifying practices and policies for the most popular Caribbean destinations now accepting travelers, with links to updates for the destinations not yet accepting guests, some of which have already announced plans to open their borders to U.S. travelers shortly. Use this guide to plan your next Caribbean getaway!


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