Frontier builds up network on West Coast, Caribbean

Frontier Airlines will add St. Thomas, Cozumel and Oakland, Calif., to its route network in February.

The carrier will fly from Oakland to Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix with a total of eight weekly services beginning in early February. Frontier’s service from the East Bay will increase to 15-times weekly in March. 

The discount airline will start slower in St. Thomas and Cozumel. Service from the Virgin Islands launches on Feb. 19 with one twice-weekly route from Orlando. Cozumel flights are to begin the Feb. 13 with weekly Saturday service from Denver. 

Frontier unveiled the new destinations as part of a larger 19-route announcement for flights beginning in February and March. Sixteen of the routes will be new to the discount carrier, while three will be resumptions of service. Fourteen of the routes are slated for year-round operation and another four are to operate most of the year, but with a pause in the slow fall season. 

The routes include seven each that will touch Orlando and Ontario, Calif., as well as three that will serve Frontier’s base in Denver. Two of the routes will serve Sacramento, Calif.

Like most other U.S. carriers, Frontier is currently flying significantly less than it was a year ago. In December, the carrier plans to offer 212 routes, compared with 291 routes last December.


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