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Consular Information

Guyana Consulate (New York)
Guyana Consulate (Toronto)
Guyana’s Foreign Missions (Other Site)
United States Embassy Georgetown Guyana

Government of Guyana

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Amerindian Affairs
Ministry of Social Protection
Ministry of Legal Affairs
Text of 2021 Budget Speech(Video)
MDG Progress Report (Full)
Bank of Guyana
Parliament of Guyana
Cabinet Ministers
Environmental Protection Agency
Guyana Office for Investment
The Official Gazette of Guyana

International Reports

US Govt. Declassified Files on British Guiana
Latest US Govt. Declassified Files on Guyana
US Declassifed documents on Guyana for 1969 to 1976

Other Documents

Diplomatic Practice
Washington Diplomat – Report on Guyana
Adoption in Guyana
Cheddi Jagan Research Centre
A warrior falls – The Death of President Cheddi Jagan
Reflections on Cheddi Jagan – by Odeen Ishmael
Dr.Cheddi Jagan Condolence Book


Proverbs of Guyana
Memories of Guyana by Bernard Heydorn
Central High School, 1948-55
Berbice High School Alumni Assoc.
The Great Fire of 1945
Community Profile (Nabaclis, Leonora, Pomeroon, Wakenaam, Leguan)
The world beyond Georgetown
Books by Ambassador Odeen Ishmael

News From Guyana

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History of the Republic of Guyana


Guyana-Venezuela Border Issue


Guyana’s Western Border


Department of Public Information (DPI)



GNI Publications


Speeches by the late Dr. Odeen Ishmael – Ambassador Emeritus (retired)


Commentary — Guyana and Regional Issues

Venezuela refuses to present case on the border issue to World Court – by Ambassador Odeen Ishmael
Archive of past commentaries. Contributors are welcome to send in their commentaries.


The Guyana WWW Handbook


The Guyana Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs taken throughout the country in 1995 and 1996.
Birds of GuyanaGuyana Animals
(Pictures encoded for fast download. All less than 40k!)


The Guyana-Suriname Maritime Dispute

A collection of documents on the maritime dispute triggered by the June 2, 2000 incursion of Guyana’s airspace and territorial waters by Surinamese military forces. Permanent Court of Arbitration Files


Cultural History



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