Maracas Bay: Destination Trinidad and Tobago

The most popular beach in Trinidad, Maracas Bay is home to great tans, exciting surf and the wildly popular local street food known as bake and shark.

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On any given Sunday, Maracas Bay is never empty. Its beauty – off white sand, palm trees and blue-green waters – attracts beach lovers to this crescent coast line which stretches for 2 km (1. 25 miles). Call it a pilgrimage if you will. Making Port of Spain the departure point from the west side, the drive is about 16 km (10 miles) from the capital. From the east traveling through San Juan and via Santa Cruz, the trip may take just under an hour. From either direction stone pillars are the landmarks that welcome you to the North Coast Road. The tumbling waves, with an average height of 1 meter (3 feet), make it an ideal place for body or board surfing. The expanse of beach is enough to accommodate the sunbather who likes her space or the nature lover who welcomes the sea blast as they set up camp. Maracas Bay has also garnered the reputation for being the lunch spot with an idyllic view. Known as the home of bake and shark, this destination is host to a variety of vendors who prepare the tasty offering. The secret, they say, is in the sauce. Really, the sauce – the tamarind sauce, the pepper sauce, garlic sauce – as these give the edge in deciding the best bake and shark among the huts that sell them.

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