2020: Best of Caribbean Tourism

In our life BK (Before Kids) Puerto Rico was the go-to vacation spot for me and my husband, Ken. We loved the Latin culture, Spanish language, and combination of city life and beautiful beaches. Every time we stepped off the short (three hours from New York!) direct flight, we marveled at how the friendly lifestyle and warm salsa beat of the island engulfed us, even though we were still in the United States. (Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, so you don’t need to bring a passport or exchange money, and with some carriers, you can use your cell phone with no roaming charges). Ken and I were so fond of our getaways that when our son, Aidan, was just two, we decided to take the plunge and try a family vacation on the island. Our only question: Would Aidan like La Isla Encantada (the Enchanted Island) as much as we did? We needn’t have worried. As it turns out, Puerto Rico is a wonderful place for kids. In Old San Juan, we discovered the grassy slopes of El Morro, where kite flying with a view of the Atlantic is a delight for all ages. And we were amused that every abuelita (grandma) in San Juan seemed to feel it her duty to pinch our son’s chubby cheeks and offer him a sweet. On that visit, we made the San Juan area our base and spent time splashing at the beach, floating in the pool, and visiting Old San Juan. As Aidan has gotten older, we’ve rented a car and taken him to our favorite spots farther afield on the Connecticut-size island. We love to hear him trying out his Spanish, and locals are always happy to do the “¿Cómo está?” “Muy bien, gracias, y tu?” (“How are you?” “Very good, thank you, and you?”) drill with him, which we practice in advance with help from Little Pim language tapes. Aidan is now in middle school, and the three of us have traveled to Puerto Rico five times. I think we finally have it down to a (messy) science. Read More: https://www.parents.com/fun/vacation/ideas/our-easy-kid-friendly-puerto-rico-vacation/


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