15 Places to Experience Carnival in the Caribbean

Nothing brings West Indians together like partying and celebrating their culture. Here are 15 islands that you can visit to experience what Carnival is like in the Caribbean.

Carnival showcases some of the best aspects of Caribbean culture. The music, dance, history, and vibrancy of West Indians are all evident during Carnival season. Although carnival originally began in Europe, from Catholic traditions, just like almost every other tradition, West Indians transformed the European carnival and made it their own. The first “Caribbean Carnival” took place in Trinidad and Tobago and featured raunchy carnival costumes, music, steel bands and drums, dancing in the street, and other activities that have been linked to African culture. From Trinidad, Caribbean carnival quickly spread to other islands and has been adopted as an annual event that brings people from all over the world to celebrate the island’s culture. Here are some of the islands that one can experience Carnival in the Caribbean.


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