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AOPA Pilot Guides: Bahamas and Caribbean

If you were thinking of a trip to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, start your planning here with the Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot Guides, the most trusted source of flight planning information for pilots who love to fly the islands.

AOPA’s comprehensive guide books are updated each year and are packed with everything you need to prepare for a trip to the Bahamas and Caribbean islands, including maps with airport data and the layout of each island, Customs & Immigration information, and much more. Plus, you get info on the local culture, customs, the best way to get around while you’re there, what the food is like, and tips and suggestions from other pilots for where to stay and fun things to do.

The Bahamas and the Caribbean have been the pilot’s playground since aircraft were able to make cross country flights. If the turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches are calling your name, don’t begin your pre-flight without the AOPA Pilot Guides. 



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