Caribbean Music

KS3 Scheme of Work – 6 lessons
• To recognise and be able to perform offbeat and syncopated rhythms in calypso and reggae music
• To participate in a class performance of a calypso song using the steel pans
• To arrange own part in a reggae song for small ensemble performance
• To revise formation of chords made up of white notes (C, G)
• To learn formation of chords with a black note in the middle (D, E, A)
Lesson Overview
• Lesson 1: Calypso
• Lesson 2: Yellow Bird
• Lesson 3: offbeat
• Lesson 4: Riffs
• Lesson 5: Three Little Birds
• Lesson 6: Music of the Caribbean
Subject-specific vocabulary
• Instruments: steel pans, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums
• Rhythm: syncopation, offbeat
• Styles of music: calypso, reggae, soca, merengue
• Performing (singing and steel pans) – ‘Yellow Bird’ (calypso)
• Arranging within a small ensemble – ‘Three Little Birds’ (reggae)
• Listening – Caribbean styles (calypso, reggae, soca, merengue)