Caribbean Music History

Caribbean Music History  

Caribbean islands have a rich and diverse history. The music and the festivals of Caribbean are rich and cultural. There are several different styles of music that originated on these islands. The genres include traditional Puerto Rico Aguinaldo and the Jamaican Mento and even the salsa and reggae. Caribbean music has influenced the European and American music to a great extent. The music in the islands has strong influences from Africa tribal music.

The history of Caribbean music started with the Native American settlers of the island. They used percussion instruments to create music in the 16th century. However, this type of music began and ended with them. A new form of music emerged in the Caribbean which was created by the African slaves, who were brought in by the European settlers. The music was lively and entertaining.

The media also influenced and encouraged this type of music in the Caribbean in the twentieth century. The carnival and the music festivals were widely photographed and broadcast. This popularized the Caribbean music even further. Most of the music is suited for folk and dance styles. The Caribbean music had its influence on modern American music and even the dance styles were adapted to a great extent by the western world. The best known form of the Caribbean music is existent in the modern genres of hip hop today. The Chadracha and the Listera are some popular style of dance and culture which could have originated from Cuba. The American R & B music is one of the best forms of the Caribbean music.

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