Caribe Sunrise

We promote the arts and culture of the Caribbean region in the form of music, graphic arts, video, history, interviews and more.

In the main-land as well as in the islands, one can feel the warmth, not only from the Sun and the ocean breeze, but from the spirit of the people.This spirit is resilient and progressive, and it leaves visitors with a thirst for more.

If you’ve ever experienced 3 days of Carnaval or a whole month of celebrations, you would know that caribbean people love music and dancing. The cadence and the spirit of the culture are so unique that it is almost impossible to feel them anywhere else.

Music has always been a way to connect with the Caribbean “easy” for those of us who who love genres from Soca, Calypso, and Reggae to other Afro-Caribbean and Latin Beats.

Enjoy the richness and cheer of caribbean culture and arts. This is our tribute to the richness and cheer of this beautiful corner of the globe.

The Caribbean Experience

Some of the islands were limited in language to English, Spanish, French, or a combination of those with the dialects spoken by African slaves in transit or settling into different areas of the Caribbean.
As years passed, some people acculturated better and others did not; this helped preserve the rich culture and traditions shared by people in many countries in the mainland as well as those on the islands.


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