The Greatest Caribbean Music Hits – Bands and Artist

Ever wonder why Jamaica is a place where cool vibes flow and everything seems to be easy breezy? A place where a kaleidoscope of Caribbean cultures co-exist and inspiring music globally. Is it any wonder that some of the greatest Hip hop, Reggae, Pop and dance music hits have originated in the Jamaica and the Caribbean? Most definitely not! Let’s take a look at some of the musical treasures that Jamaican has given the world.

So here is “The Greatest Caribbean and Jamaican Music Hits” so far!

There is absolutely no way we could compile a list of the greatest Caribbean music hits without mentioning the late great Robert Bob Nesta Marley’s, ‘One Love’ A catchy and deep tune that has become a global anthem, bringing with it Irie vibes and a message of peace and love wherever it is aired. Don’t believe us? Experience it for yourself here

Nobody can resist Bob Marley’s other releases including hits like ‘Three Little Birds’ tune that still outclass the most current songs on music sharing sites like iTunes. Talk about timeless!


Third World is undeniably one of the greatest Jamaican musical talents to emerge from the Jamaica. Their top performing songs ‘Now That We’ve Found Love’ a remake of the Ojay’s and Try Jah Love a song that was done in collaboration with Stevie Wonder have sparked flames in man a heart, making them popular hits around the world. 

Lovers around the world past and present whose relationship is frowned upon relating very well to ‘Forbidden Love’ a song by Third world and Stetsatonic.



Anyone who has even an ounce of West Indian blood gets laminated at the sound of Arrow/Buster Poindexter’s  1982 calypso hit “Hot Hot Hot”. No worries if you don’t have  Caribbean blood though. Thanks to Vlogger B. Poindexter one listen will turn you into a full blown Caribbean calypso fan!


Another great Caribbean artist whose work has stood the test of time is Jimmy Cliff. If you haven’t heard his ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ you’ve simply got to take a listen it is a song that is destined to change your life, for the better. Not only rhythmical and catchy, this song serves as an inspiration for billions of people across the globe. Ready to get your soul stirred? Let Jimmy take you on an emotionally rejuvenating and inspiring ride!



Ready to really get down and party Jamaican style? Then you only need a taste of the Baha Men’s hit single “Who Let the Dogs Out” (2000) to get your party vibe up to a fever pitch! No wonder this Bahamian band snagged a Grammy award for this musical hit!



You would expect today’s Caribbean artists to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and take the world by storm, wouldn’t you? Well, we do too! And they have lived up to (and in some cases exceeded) our expectations! Sean Kingston is one of the favorites! His hit single ‘’Beautiful Girls’ still has us addicted years after its debut in 2007. Wanna taste?  Check it out below!


Two other Caribbean musical superstars on the global scene are Barbadian Rihanna and Trinidadian Nicki Minaj.

 Both artists embrace a Jamaican Reggae vibe in some of their hit songs like Rihanna’s 2010 single ‘Rude Boy’  But we absolutely loved how she got Irie in her single ‘Work Work Work’.


We totally agree with blogger Soyini Ayanna who, by the way, is going nuts for Rihanna’s Caribbean vibe, that Rihanna’s music has a renaissance aura to it, but we’re simply hooked to the rich voice and beautiful rhythms.

 Minaj’s ‘Moment for Life’ blew us away in 2010 and in Anaconda she thrilled us with her sexy West Indian aura. Can we tell you how in love we are with her blog, My Pink Friday Check it out, man! We’re sure you’ll fall in love too!

Can you imagine these two amazing artists getting together?  Yup, we hear the euphoric angelic choir singing as well. This is the effect of Minaj and Ri Ri’s chart topping collaboration ‘Fly’ which had us swinging and rocking while motivating us to break boundaries and achieve dreams.


Sean Paul is another West Indian who has captivated the entire world with his music. Sean Paul has been able to merge his own Jamaican style with R and B to produce hits like…

Giving audiences around the world simply cannot resist. It’s no wonder all his albums, except the first one, have been nominated for Grammy awards.

You do know that these artists are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Caribbean music that has gone international don’t you? Of course, you do! Share your favorite Caribbean hits! To keep up to date! Why not? Like us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Youtube.

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