Caribbean dance cruises and lessons

Generally you will find free dance classes on most Caribbean cruise ships. There are also dance cruises. There are the occasional week-long line dancing and country dancing cruise vacations for couples where you join other couples to dance the night away. Group dance classes usually take place when the cruise ship is at sea. Other Caribbean dance cruises and/or dance lessons include a mix of: West/East coast swing, Latin styles, line dancing, country two-step and nightclub two-step, ballroom Latin, and Argentine Tango.

Cuba Salsa vacations

Where better to learn the Salsa than in historic Havana, Cuba? With a Cuban dance partner too if you wish. You’ll find plenty of Salsa clubs in Havana and Santiago De Cuba, as well as all-inclusive hotels with free Salsa lessons included (sometimes on the beach), if you do want to spend your Caribbean vacation dancing.

Different types of Caribbean dance and music

  • Beguine – like the rumba, but slower
  • Changui – style of Cuban music
  • Meringue – Dominican Republic style dance and music (hectic tempo at times)
  • Salsa – a mix of and originated from the cha-cha, mambo, and son Cubano (Spanish/Afro-Cuban/Latin-American)
  • Rueda de Casino – popular Salsa dance in Cuba (originally developed in Havana)
  • Timba – a Cuban-type of music, created from a mix of Salsa, R&B, Afro-Cuban
  • Zouk (of French Caribbean origin) – mix of reggae, salsa and meringue

Singing-dancing-music at some of the best Caribbean music festivals

  • Puerto Rico – Festival Casals (mid-February to early-March)
  • St Lucia – St Lucia Jazz (9 days – May)
  • Jamaia – Red Strip Sumfest (4 nights – July)
  • Dominica – World Creole Music Festival (3 days – October/November)


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